VegasCoin Wallet 2.0 for Windows & Linux

by / Monday, 24 March 2014 / Published in VegasCoin News
VegasCoin Windows 2.0 Wallet

We are proud to announce the completion of the new Kimito Gravity Well protected wallet, with upgraded features and even a nice VegasCoin splash screen!

Please update your wallet because from block 25000 and up, the kimoto gravity well will kick in and old versions will no longer work. All the download links have been updated to provide the most recent version on our Wallet Download page.

For windows, just download, extract, and continue to use the new extracted files.  We are currently working on building an auto installer to the Windows wallet which we will release in the near future. This new feature should making installations on windows a lot easier.

For Linux, please visit for more information on how to compile the wallet. Use git to clone If you already have the repository cloned, all you need to do is checkout the production branch (“git checkout production” on the command line), and git pull to pull in the latest updates. Then you can  follow compile instructions to build the wallet. We are currently also looking into building Linux packages to make installation of the Vegas Coin on Linux a breeze as well.

As a small spoiler: We are also preparing an  Android wallet, with work on that starting in the upcoming weeks.

We plan to get the wallets updated first, before locking in deals with more local businesses about accepting VegasCoin.  Thank you to all the fans for all your support, and stay strong as we build this system in the Las Vegas, Nevada area stronger everyday :)


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