Vegas Limousine Service accepts VGC

by / Friday, 15 August 2014 / Published in VegasCoin News
VLS Limos accepts VegasCoin

Vegas Limousine Service aka VLS Inc, will start accepting VGC today!

Just call them up at 702-252-7212 and inform them you would like to hire a limo using VegasCoin, or put some VegasCoin credit towards your limo ride.  They will accept any amounts treating VegasCoin just like cash!

The only thing they request is payment of the ride upfront upon the phone call, once the VGC in confirmed your ride is paid for or credited the real time value of VegasCoin as displayed on this official website at all times. Ride in style in Las Vegas, Nevada with a Limo paid for using VegasCoin!

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