Well I cant say this enough, thanks to Alejandro Caballero for not only the multicoin tipping app addition but also now adding us to his website pools on!  The direct link to the VegasCoin pool is  this is a stratum pool and so far the one I am personally even using.  Find this and more pools on our VegasCoin Pools page.

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coin tweak

We are proud to announce that VegasCoin has just received a mining calculator from  Upon them adding us I also noticed that VegasCoin VGC is the most profitable coin by a long shot! Miners should start coming into the pools more and more as this information is spread.  That in return will make it harder to get coins and in hopes drive the price up.  I know Personally a few investors doing a bunch of large buys to put the coins away into hiding.  Check out the mining calculator here:

Jump on the VegasCoin Train early and make money with all of us!