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We are proud to say Brian Gutierrez is our Meme giveaway winner!

VegasCoin Meme ” Tell me more about your currency with photos of dead old guys and dwindling value ”


Our second giveaway allows everyone to win! Just submit your pictures to our facebook page with your wallet address for 200 VGC.  It’s simple, just be creative and make a sign saying how much you love VegasCoin! Then take a selfie :)  The more creative your picture, the bigger I’ll tip!
Check out the examples below:

VegasCoin Love VegasCoin Love VegasCoin Love

VegasCoin ATM

So the last week has been very busy for VegasCoin, we have started the Nevada based company VegasCoin LLC to help with local deals with businesses and even open up our merchant services account to buy back and sell VGC to the public.  This all in hopes to ease the process in buying/selling, as we have noticed most consumers are confused with the whole bitcoin process and using exchanges.  The full release is coming soon, as right now we are putting the final touches on the long awaited VegasCoin Android wallet. Also we have some good news for iPhone users, with further research our team has learned that we can possibly make a HTML5 web based wallet system to allow iPhone users access to mobile wallets.  For the time being we have been receiving tons of submissions for the VegasCoin Fan Art section, along with even putting on our very own first official VegasCoin Giveaway.


To submit your ideas for a VegasCoin meme, The rules are as follows: 1) Submit as many times as you wish 2) Please keep it some what clean… 3) Winner will be selected by the VegasCoin Staff on the 27th 4) Submit all ideas on the official VegasCoin Facebook page, Here is the Meme: and some others  VegasCoin giveaway meme = Contest Meme ( Submit your caption ideas )

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