Android wallet in Google play for VegasCoin

After tons of work, and 3 grown men crying… Our Android app is finally finished!  Feel free to check out our wallet page with a link to all types of VegasCoin wallets.  This android mobile wallet can be found in the Google Play Store, and added to any android mobile device such as cell phones and tablets to hold your VegasCoin.

Multicoin Tipping with VegasCoin on Facebook

We want to proudly thank the Multicoin Tipping App, and its developerAlejandro Caballero for adding VegasCoin to the Facebook App.  This expands our reach and acceptance, also I think the app is really cool, so far I have just signed up and I get all these random coins sent to me all the time now!

The way it works is you must be part of the approved groups, once your part of the group you can then start sending coins to other group members by posting this in the group feed : ” give xxx vegas to yyyyyyyyy then your message “

You replace the xxx’s with the amount, and the yyyyyyyyy’s with your buddies name on facebook, then just your message if you wish to add one.   Now there are other coins also, so to do those you just replace vegas with their such name like doge.

Don’g forget to join our VegasCoin Group on Facebook!