Pre-release new Vegas Coin wallet

by / Monday, 24 March 2014 / Published in VegasCoin News
Kimito Gravity Well

We are proud to announce the pre-release of the new Vegas Coin wallet, version! For the past two weeks we’ve been working hard on resolving issues, and adding a new feature called “Kimito Gravity Well”. In a few words, this new feature will ensure that the coin difficulty will now be handled more smooth, ensuring that we no longer have to worry about the “difficulty 19 survivors”.

Wallet availability

Right now, the new wallet is only available for the pool and exchange administrators so that we can ensure that the Vegas Coin network will be updated correctly. The official coin release will be tomorrow, Monday march 25 2014, at 9PM PST. The new source code is already available on GitHub at, repository URL A windows wallet is under construction and will be available somewhere in the morning on the official release date. We are still looking for somebody who could help us with a Mac build of the wallet. so if you can help out there, please let us know!



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