New Wallet v2.1

by / Friday, 08 August 2014 / Published in VegasCoin News
New VegasCoin Wallet

Today is a very happy day for the VegasCoin development team! The Android wallet is out and live on Google play, simply search for “vegascoin” (all one word) and we show 1st. In addition our never ending quest to stand apart from other altcoins has manifested with a custom skinned GUI on our windows wallet.

Featuring a red and white on black Las Vegas themed style, we updated seed nodes, checkpoints and also fixed a problem in the block reward half time. The original block half time was set too high, and this could cause VegasCoin to suffer inflation over time. It’s because of this that we have modified our block reward halving to every 1,777,666 blocks. With a block time of 30 seconds, VegasCoin processes about 1051200 blocks per year, and this new block half time will make that the VegasCoin block reward halves a little over every 617 days, or 20 months. This August 14, VegasCoin will exist for 6 months, and we will still have about 14 months left before the first block half from 30 to 15 coins occurs in the end of October 2015.

VGC’s day has arrived! Everything critical is in place. Our next plan of action is to begin the crusade for local acceptance here in Vegas. Our staff will now approach local Las Vegas, Nevada businesses; and inform them about them how to accept Bitcoin & VegasCoin at their brick and mortar stores, online shops, clubs, bars, and casinos. We are Las Vegas locals and can’t wait to give our gift to the city!

Check out some of the screen shots below, and feel free to download our wallet for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Android!
vgc1  VGC2  vgc21

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