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Trade USD for BTC

Developers at comkort say ”

Comkort is a cryptocurrency exchange that opened its “web-doors” back in February 2014. Initially Comkort’s idea was to provide a crypto-only platform, where traders could take advantage of the wide range of coins under a single roof.

However, having to stay up to speed with market evolution, we’ve come to a decision – “it is time to introduce Fiat trading.” The basic concept has not changed: Comkort still homes a great variety of altcoins, yet now, with an option to purchase them for currency.

On November 5th Comkort launched Beta version of Fiat trading option. For two weeks we will be collecting feedback and closely monitor activity to be able to fine-tune the process and deliver flawless post-beta results.”

To find more info about this fiat exchange system allowing users to buy bitcoin directly with cash, saves users time and money from buying bitcoin from a third party website and dealing with fees.  Check out for the full post and information on the subject.

Also I want to personally thank Comkort for supporting the idea of VegasCoin during on progress along this crypto lifestyle we are all now involved in.




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