MintPal Exchange Votes Wanted

Thursday, 01 May 2014 by
MintPal Voting for VegasCoin

Well everyone, as we are progressing with the development and marketing of VegasCoin.  I do have one favor to ask our fine and fast growing community, that is to help us gain the MintPal exchange.

Please go here to vote:

So far I personally have sent 0.1 BTC and plan to send more, I know the votes are high, with the leader at almost 20 BTC but I think we can do it!  Plus keep in mind as they make it on the exchange it clears out more room for us, and I have seen people win that list for around 1 BTC… Not to sure why it’s so high right now, but it is a fantastic exchange to be part of.  So please join in with the community and help vote VGC to the top!

Thanks from the VegasCoin Dev Team :)


Well everyone on has been great, the information and feedback from their community is by far the best feedback and think tank we could ask for.  I know most of the community is anxious for updates and more local Las Vegas businesses to start taking VegasCoin.  With that being said we have put more and more efforts into fixing what we think to be an issue with most wallets, providing an auto installer to avoid the syncing issues 100%! Along with adding the Mac wallet as many have requested, and even developing the Android wallet as I write this.  Upon the completion of the mobile wallet we will release more local businesses where VGC can be spent, as most local businesses will require you to walk in with the coins, the mobile app is kinda required to carry the coins into the business.  Thank for understanding, and the support!

Windows VegasCoin WalletNew 2.0 Windows Wallet – Download
Mac VegasCoin WalletMac Wallet – Download

UPDATE:  New Exchange as I write this has been posted, check out to buy, sell, trade VGC!

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VegasCoin Block Explorers

Friday, 11 April 2014 by
Block Explorer

We are happy to announce the creation of VegasCoin Block Explorers, the links are listed below.

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VGC hits a new exchange!

Friday, 04 April 2014 by
allcrypt exchange

Allcrypt just added VegasCoin to it’s exchange, feel free to get a jump on this new exchange.  Feel free to buy, sell, and trade VegasCoin for Bitcoin on the AllCrypt Cryptocurrency exchange

VegasCoin Windows 2.0 Wallet

We are proud to announce the completion of the new Kimito Gravity Well protected wallet, with upgraded features and even a nice VegasCoin splash screen!

Please update your wallet because from block 25000 and up, the kimoto gravity well will kick in and old versions will no longer work. All the download links have been updated to provide the most recent version on our Wallet Download page.

Subreddit for VegasCoin has moved!

Monday, 24 March 2014 by
VegasCoin Reddit

The subreddit for Vegas Coin used to be /r/vegascoin_vgc  but this has now been updated to /r/VegasCoin. The reason for this change is that previously, the /r/VegasCoin subreddit was accidentally banned and it took reddit a little while to unblock it. If you want to post anything vegascoin related, please use the new subreddit!

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Pre-release new Vegas Coin wallet

Monday, 24 March 2014 by
Kimito Gravity Well

We are proud to announce the pre-release of the new Vegas Coin wallet, version! For the past two weeks we’ve been working hard on resolving issues, and adding a new feature called “Kimito Gravity Well”. In a few words, this new feature will ensure that the coin difficulty will now be handled more smooth, ensuring that we no longer have to worry about the “difficulty 19 survivors”.