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Special thanks to International Business Times for featuring VegasCoin on a recent story, this is our very first press that honestly we didn’t even expect.  As we strive everyday to improve the ease of cryptocurrencies in Las Vegas, Nevada,  we also are working hard on updates and development features for our platform.  Soon to release our Android wallet and even expand into a paper wallet generator along with a direct buy platform right on the official website, to ease the buying process.  

1st VGC Gambling websites!

Friday, 27 June 2014 by
VGC Games

A fan submitted to us that they created an online gambling website for VegasCoin, this is the very first of it’s kind.  Offering users a chance to bet VGC and spin a wheel for a chance to win much much more!  Also offering a roll the dice game as well, both of these games user a random number generator I am guessing to balance the odds along with the possible bets it’s allowing.  All in all this looks like a fun place to toss around a few VGC to see what happens, results will be posted soon, feel free to email your screen shots of you winning big, or other ideas and or websites to [email protected]

Check out the spin the wheel game here:

And the roll the dice game here:

Well I cant say this enough, thanks to Alejandro Caballero for not only the multicoin tipping app addition but also now adding us to his website pools on!  The direct link to the VegasCoin pool is  this is a stratum pool and so far the one I am personally even using.  Find this and more pools on our VegasCoin Pools page.

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Multicoin Tipping with VegasCoin on Facebook

We want to proudly thank the Multicoin Tipping App, and its developerAlejandro Caballero for adding VegasCoin to the Facebook App.  This expands our reach and acceptance, also I think the app is really cool, so far I have just signed up and I get all these random coins sent to me all the time now!

The way it works is you must be part of the approved groups, once your part of the group you can then start sending coins to other group members by posting this in the group feed : ” give xxx vegas to yyyyyyyyy then your message “

You replace the xxx’s with the amount, and the yyyyyyyyy’s with your buddies name on facebook, then just your message if you wish to add one.   Now there are other coins also, so to do those you just replace vegas with their such name like doge.

Don’g forget to join our VegasCoin Group on Facebook!

VegasCoin ATM

So the last week has been very busy for VegasCoin, we have started the Nevada based company VegasCoin LLC to help with local deals with businesses and even open up our merchant services account to buy back and sell VGC to the public.  This all in hopes to ease the process in buying/selling, as we have noticed most consumers are confused with the whole bitcoin process and using exchanges.  The full release is coming soon, as right now we are putting the final touches on the long awaited VegasCoin Android wallet. Also we have some good news for iPhone users, with further research our team has learned that we can possibly make a HTML5 web based wallet system to allow iPhone users access to mobile wallets.  For the time being we have been receiving tons of submissions for the VegasCoin Fan Art section, along with even putting on our very own first official VegasCoin Giveaway.


To submit your ideas for a VegasCoin meme, The rules are as follows: 1) Submit as many times as you wish 2) Please keep it some what clean… 3) Winner will be selected by the VegasCoin Staff on the 27th 4) Submit all ideas on the official VegasCoin Facebook page, Here is the Meme: and some others  VegasCoin giveaway meme = Contest Meme ( Submit your caption ideas )

More Fan Art:  VGCg badluck Obama holding VegasCoin Jobs Pinky and the Brain VegasCoin StarTek Fry wants VegasCoin VegasCoin the most interesting coin in the world VegasFace VegasCoin and Scarface

See more Fan art in our images section here:

coin tweak

We are proud to announce that VegasCoin has just received a mining calculator from  Upon them adding us I also noticed that VegasCoin VGC is the most profitable coin by a long shot! Miners should start coming into the pools more and more as this information is spread.  That in return will make it harder to get coins and in hopes drive the price up.  I know Personally a few investors doing a bunch of large buys to put the coins away into hiding.  Check out the mining calculator here:

Jump on the VegasCoin Train early and make money with all of us! 

Cryptsy voting for VegasCoin

This week along side the Android dev progress we have been listening to the community feedback.  After the last week we have been added to! and the Cryptsy Vote List!  Please show your support and vote for VegasCoin to be added to Cryptsy :)

I also plan to dump about $300 into buying up some VGC over the weekend, in hopes to raise us to the first page of the coin market cap website.  Along with putting about 0.5 BTC on the MintPal Voting List, please feel free to join me :)  Also we have been talking with local businesses even more, getting ready to drop the 10 local businesses and deals in the next 30 days where VGC can be spent or redeemed for discounts.

Stay strong community, and know you have a friend in Las Vegas working hard everyday to spread the word!