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Developers at comkort say ” Comkort is a cryptocurrency exchange that opened its “web-doors” back in February 2014. Initially Comkort’s idea was to provide a crypto-only platform, where traders could take advantage of the wide range of coins under a single roof. However, having to stay up to speed with market evolution, we’ve come to

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The entire VegasCoin team will be attending the “Inside Bitcoins” conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The bitcoin conference starts October 5th through the 7th, we are trying to arrange to speak.. but it seems we are a tad bit to late.  However we will be attending, and handing out cards with 500 VGC FREE!  

New .Vegas TLD!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014 by

Las Vegas just got it’s very own top level domain, .VEGAS is now open for pre-registration on many domain sites like Godaddy, 1and1, Register, and network solutions.  So far from what we can tell the main information site on the new Las Vegas TLD domains extension is 

This helps build the Vegas brand, and makes us at VegasCoin really proud and happy to see this pop up before other cities :)


Dot VegasWhat is .VEGAS?

.VEGAS is dedicated to Las Vegas, Nevada, the sparkling oasis known for its lavish casinos and all-night buffets. Whether you own a business located in Sin City or offer related products, services or news, .VEGAS is your place on the web.

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VegasCoin Love

We are proud to say Brian Gutierrez is our Meme giveaway winner!

VegasCoin Meme ” Tell me more about your currency with photos of dead old guys and dwindling value ”


Our second giveaway allows everyone to win! Just submit your pictures to our facebook page with your wallet address for 200 VGC.  It’s simple, just be creative and make a sign saying how much you love VegasCoin! Then take a selfie :)  The more creative your picture, the bigger I’ll tip!
Check out the examples below:

VegasCoin Love VegasCoin Love VegasCoin Love

Las Vegas

Many Altcoins, in our opinion have radically unfair block reward systems, they simply create far too many coins too quickly, thus giving a huge advantage to those early miners. Many coins launch themselves as ‘fair’, and yet their block rewards might halve each week, and also payout mega block rewards causing the founders and early adopters to hold most of the mined coins.

With VegasCoin, we realized that many users of our coins in the future may not currently be involved in crypto currencies, and so with our Block Reward system of 30 coins per block, the minting of VGC will be slow and steady, not overly enriching the early adopters, and meaning that the mining should be stable for many years to come.

Website is up!

Sunday, 02 February 2014 by

Website is up, and VegasCoin is about to go public very soon. Do you think you missed out on the BitCoin market? Think again, with the limited supply of coins you are now starting to see AltCoins that can be converted into BTC.  So Miners get your mining rigs ready, the new crypto currency for Las Vegas is about to release.  Final programming and server adjustments are being made, please check back later for more updates on when VegasCoin will launch!

VegasCoin is just a peer-to-peer internet currency that allows immediate funds to anybody on the planet. It’s on the basis of the Bitcoin process but varies from Bitcoin for the reason that it could be effectively found with consumer-level equipment. VegasCoin offers quicker purchase confirmations (2.5 units normally) and uses a storage-difficult, scrypt-based exploration proof-of-function formula to a target the standard computers and GPUs many people curently have. This means more people can mine with everyday computers, and the operation cost for power is much lower.  The VegasCoin community is planned to create 100 million currency units.  Among the goals of VegasCoin was to supply a mining algorithm that may operate for many years to come.