Buy VegasCoin

Currently the only way to buy VegasCoin is to first purchase Bitcoin, we suggest for this.  Once you obtain your Bitcoin, you can transfer it to any exchange we have listed on our Exchanges Page to then trade your BTC for VGC.  We are currently working on a buy direct option, that should be done in the near future.

– VegasCoin Staff




$10.00For 100 VGC


$50.00For 600 VGC


$100.00For 1400 VGC


$500.00For 7500 VGC

Buy VGC Online with USD

We do understand many users can purchase bitcoin, to then send it to an exchange to then buy VegasCoin.  However this can be rather difficult and time consuming, this is why we have chosen to sell VegasCoin direct to the public at a small mark up.  Prices will be updated on a daily bases, and soon tied into an API that will auto adjust.  Thanks for supporting VegasCoin and please feel free to buy as your buying direct from the development team.  Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or issues.