VGC hits a new exchange!

Friday, 04 April 2014 by
allcrypt exchange

Allcrypt just added VegasCoin to it’s exchange, feel free to get a jump on this new exchange.  Feel free to buy, sell, and trade VegasCoin for Bitcoin on the AllCrypt Cryptocurrency exchange

VegasCoin Windows 2.0 Wallet

We are proud to announce the completion of the new Kimito Gravity Well protected wallet, with upgraded features and even a nice VegasCoin splash screen!

Please update your wallet because from block 25000 and up, the kimoto gravity well will kick in and old versions will no longer work. All the download links have been updated to provide the most recent version on our Wallet Download page.

Subreddit for VegasCoin has moved!

Monday, 24 March 2014 by
VegasCoin Reddit

The subreddit for Vegas Coin used to be /r/vegascoin_vgc  but this has now been updated to /r/VegasCoin. The reason for this change is that previously, the /r/VegasCoin subreddit was accidentally banned and it took reddit a little while to unblock it. If you want to post anything vegascoin related, please use the new subreddit!

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Pre-release new Vegas Coin wallet

Monday, 24 March 2014 by
Kimito Gravity Well

We are proud to announce the pre-release of the new Vegas Coin wallet, version! For the past two weeks we’ve been working hard on resolving issues, and adding a new feature called “Kimito Gravity Well”. In a few words, this new feature will ensure that the coin difficulty will now be handled more smooth, ensuring that we no longer have to worry about the “difficulty 19 survivors”.

Brisk Advertising

Brisk Advertising CompanyBrisk Advertising INC a local Las Vegas advertising company is proud to announce the acceptance of VegasCoin, you can now pay for internet marketing and website development services using this new Las Vegas crypto currency.  This is the first of many businesses already lined up and talking with development currently about also accepting VegasCoin VGC.  If you or your business in Las Vegas want to accept VegasCoin VGC, please feel free to contact Brandon Yates with Brisk Advertising at 702-858-9578 for details and help in Las Vegas, Nevada.

See more information here:

VegasCoin Real-time prices

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 by

Check out this website if you dare!

It shows live stats on the current value of VegasCoin, along with past trends on sales.  Just keep in mind the long term goal when you look at things like this, they tend to make people worry from time to time.  I share this because at the same time, it’s good to know the current value of the coin before you buy on any exchange.  Have fun and enjoy!

VegasCoin hits Exchange

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 by

I was just informed that VegasCoin has just been added to!

BTC Exchange
LTC Exchange
DOGE Exchange

This means that we now have a second market place where you can add trade VegasCoin VGC! We are very happy and proud of the accomplishments this coin has been able to make in the less than one month since its initial release. We have much more in stock, so don’t go anywhere, go for VegasCoin!

Thanks for all your support!