1st VGC Gambling websites!

by / Friday, 27 June 2014 / Published in VegasCoin News
VGC Games

A fan submitted to us that they created an online gambling website for VegasCoin, this is the very first of it’s kind.  Offering users a chance to bet VGC and spin a wheel for a chance to win much much more!  Also offering a roll the dice game as well, both of these games user a random number generator I am guessing to balance the odds along with the possible bets it’s allowing.  All in all this looks like a fun place to toss around a few VGC to see what happens, results will be posted soon, feel free to email your screen shots of you winning big, or other ideas and or websites to [email protected]

Check out the spin the wheel game here: http://vgcwheel.cryptogames.pw

And the roll the dice game here: http://vgcdice.cryptogames.pw

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